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Sylvia Taylor President 2017.jpgGreetings Fellow Bowlers,

 I am very proud and honoured to have been elected as your President for 2017.  I look forward to my year with great excitement and will do my very best to encourage all current bowlers and to promote our game of bowls with the objective of bringing new membership into our sport.

My thanks must go to my club, Northfleet, for their support when it was necessary to change my club for continued support in my Presidential year, thanks also to Kent County Officers Bowling Club who seconded my nomination.  My Executive Officers and Past Presidents, my thanks to you all for your help and support. To Jim, my husband, for his support and his understanding when the microwave goes “ping” yet again!!!  A mention must be made to SatNav Jane who gets me to all sorts of venues.

To our John’s, Walker and Amy Rose teams, I wish you continued success in 2017.  I look forward to meeting many of you around the greens and wish you all good health, good bowling, friendship and good weather for the coming Season.

My chosen Charity is MAGIC a local charity based in Cliffe Woods, Rochester who help autistic children and teenagers.  Their details can be found on the website.

Sylvia Signature.jpg

Sylvia Taylor

Lady President 2017


Click MAGIC  above for more information about Sylvia’s Charity


Hon. Secretary

Mrs Brenda Green


Brenda Green Hon. Secretary.jpgThroughout 2017 the KCBA both Men’s & Ladies Sections will update their respective websites as and when necessary.  It is anticipated that all competitions, if notified in time will be updated the evening of the event.  Please ladies may I request, that you all ensure your Competition Secretaries are notified as soon as possible, this does enable the website to be kept up to date.


There is a new competition for the ladies – Over 55 Fours, the ultimate winner of this competition will take part at the national championships in August 2017, the final winner at the National Championships at Leamington, will represent England at the British Isles Championships in 2018.   With the introduction of a new competition, it has become necessary to put our Maude Woods (Unbadged) singles competition as a play-by date, we have allowed 10 days between every round, so there should not be any problems.


Please ladies, as a matter of courtesy can I ask you all who are taking part in county competitions to ensure you contact your opponent to confirm the actual start time of the event, do not assume it is a 6.00p.m. start.


One last request, please ladies Kent will need a new Lady Secretary from October 2017, is there anyone interested, does help to be computer literate, also time to spare to the County, this person will also be the BE Representative at Bowls England – involves meetings twice a year (Nov and Feb). If you are interested please contact me, I can give you more details.

Many thanks for your co-operation.


Brenda Green


Hon County Secretary







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